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Medical Services

Medical Services & Facilities In India

India has evolved as a medical tourism destination. Say, you come to India, avail the best treatment and recover comfortably. Now what? Of course, you return home. But to visit India and not explore its spiritual side would make your trip to the country incomplete. India is full of religious places of worships. Be it the mystic Ganga aarti on the banks of the holy river at Haridwar; the majestic Golden Temple at Amritsar, the Jama Masjid of Old Delhi; the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa; or the Paradesi Synagogue in Kerala. And if spirituality is not what you are looking for, the magnificent royal palaces of India, the country’s snow-clad mountains, its robust rivers, the serene backwaters, the peaceful beaches and ethnically-dressed people are a sight for your eyes. We help you explore India the way you wish to see it. ZHIZN CONSULTANTS not only helps you cure your ailments but will also assist you in exploring this beautiful country if you wish to.
Here’s what you can expect from your association with ZHIZN CONSULTANTS:


We assist you with your visa, airline tickets, medical clearance and airport transfers.


We will be more than happy to provide assistance in planning your tour across the country

Need information on the local culture, dining options, local tipping and money exchange? We’re here to help.


Well equipped spine boards, CPR kits, oxygen cylinders, wheelchairs and various other special medical equipment are available on board


An ambulance will be ready to receive at the airport and rush the patient to the hospital in case of emergency

It will contain all the equipment necessary to monitor the patient's progress

The flying doctors and nurses, if any, will accompany the patient to the hospital.


Paramedics, emergency medical technicians, flight nurses,translators and physicians, depending on patients' needs.


You have to simply zero down on the hospital of your choice and leave the rest upon us. We will provide all the assistance you could possibly need to complete the formalities necessary for admission in the hospital.


Our work does not end with the patient’s admission. We monitor their progress throughout their stay to ensure that they meet a speedy recovery.


Some patients need a private nurse either due to their medical condition or to merely tend to their comfort. Your wish will be our command.


We understand that disabled patients deserve extra care. Such patients will be provided with all the assistance needed to make their stay as comfortable as possible


We’ll provide you with a list of some hotels in the vicinity of your hospital, so that you can enjoy a relaxed stay during your treatment

Wellness services, such as spa treatments, can be customized according to your wish.